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(Note: James is a highly trained stunt vomiter. Do not try this at home.)


This is the opening video to a series on "Operational Mode" - a tool used to help entrepreneurs build their businesses by onboarding great staff, great clients, great suppliers and great investors. We feature our characters Max and Josephine. Check out for our latest project. LG produced this entire Web site.

Carrying on with our characters Max and Josephine, Josephine walks us through the Operational Mode Model using Max, her client, on Workstyle's origin and its use.

A food product client wanted a non-product non-sales approach to getting people excited about cooking such as creating eccentric chef characters.

To deliver a fairly detailed explanation of an approach to business, this clip illustrates how we can do this in a fun way by creating an imaginary speaker series modeled on TED Talk. This is one of four such "talks." See more of this series at LG produced this entire Web site.

Here is a sample of the Moxcee Talk series using the featured speaker's real voice to talk about the Engagement phase. A lot of tie ins with what we do here at Landing Gear with respect to content and style.This is one of four such "talks." See more of this series at

This clip illustrates multiple characters and the human dynamic that comes with it. Narratives can be set up to deal with issues such as office culture.


Landing Gear uses story and characters to convey important information. Content strategists see that sharing knowledge in a friendly or humorous way connects better with diverse audiences.

Our content-friendly approach recognises four main engagement types. Our Interactive Style Model develops narratives that better respond to different learning or consumer styles.